Hello there, I'm going to give this a shot and try to be fairly short, always sweet, and make some sort of notable point. Comments ALWAYS welcome! I'm thinking I may use this for a few tips and tricks for the home cook, feedback on new flavor ideas, and the not so common thought for the day.  So here goes round one:

ALWAYS grease your pan.... ALWAYS. I have some amazing high quality pans that would probably turn out just fine, but I still grease them. Who wants to chance breaking your hard work into crumbly pieces? Grease your pans.

And your thought for the day:

Never trust a skinny cook.

Its a motto I like to chime to myself if I'm having a particularly bloated feeling day. You dont have to be unhealthy overweight by any means but if someone skinny as a twig is serving you a cake, they probably haven't eaten enough of it to develop some good recipes ;).


ANY IDEAS ON A ST. PATRICKS CUPCAKE??? I did a chocolate cupcake with mint buttercream for December's special so I'd like to get away from mint chocolate for March, but stick with a flavor that would be presented well as a St. Patties celebration. Give me your thoughts, and if your flavor idea sticks for March's special, you will receive $5 off your next order with Peaches and Creme Bakery.